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Here are the top 5 best Happy Ending experiences in New York, based on our users’ reviews:

  1. Blissful Touch Spa: Known for their skilled therapists and relaxing ambiance, Blissful Touch Spa offers a truly rejuvenating experience that leaves patrons feeling refreshed and satisfied.
  2. Serenity Wellness Center: With a focus on holistic well-being, Serenity Wellness Center provides a calming environment and professional services, ensuring a soothing and enjoyable massage experience.
  3. Delightful Tranquility Massage: Recognized for their attention to detail and personalized approach, Delightful Tranquility Massage delivers an intimate and comforting session that caters to individual needs.
  4. Harmony Spa and Wellness: Harmony Spa and Wellness excels in creating a serene atmosphere, offering a range of massage techniques that promote relaxation and well-being, leaving clients feeling pampered and content.
  5. Euphoria Therapeutic Spa: Renowned for their skilled therapists and warm hospitality, Euphoria Therapeutic Spa provides a welcoming and soothing space, ensuring clients leave feeling rejuvenated and satisfied with their experience.

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  1. I was in massage-manhattan-club for am intimate massage last week. The place is cool, i liked it. I believe i will visit there again.

  2. A visit to this club was given to me by a friend, since I hadn’t been in a similar place
    before. Impression is super, beautiful girls, nice atmosphere. I absolutely give 5+

  3. First of all I want to say that this kind of massage is very relaxing and tender. And the second, the girls are really professional masseurs. The massage is also seductive and teasing.

  4. Was not once, really like it. Girls are always friendly, neat and beautiful. Pleasant staff, comfortable conditions, everything is clean, sterile, and of course the massage itself! It’s worth it!

  5. After five minutes of the session, a stunned relaxation ensued: music on the background, a pleasant smell of vanilla and magic hands. From the table he got up like in a trance and for 15 minutes with pleasure later they drank delicious tea with mint and talked.

  6. Hi, I recently came to you for a massage. Me was doing an incredibly sensual massage, which madly relaxed me. All the problems and stress after the massage have gone somewhere to the background. Very pleasant.

  7. A very shocking massage: it is easy, erotic, without a hint on sex. It helps to be weakened and feel yourself so happy and relaxed.

  8. Received a professional bodywork massage in a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Massage therapists are wonderful, very beautiful and sexy girls.Will definitely visit again!

  9. Really, I was satisfied. Body to body massage (I called it B2B. lol) was awesome.Don’t know did she has professional masseur certificate but she had perfect body. %)

  10. I will never forget this massage, girls were sliding on me their bodies, I got really unforgettable pleasure. Certainly I want to repeat it once more!!!

  11. Japanese massage is the best one I ever tried. Very cute and hot girls, high level of relaxing and pleasure. I’m 100% satisfied. I think it’s best way for me to relax, I feel refreshed…

  12. I was on this Nuru massage and I was extremely exciting. It is a very nice thing. Cute girl сhорреd my skin and it was fantastic. I can not convey sensations. I advise everyone to visit this place

  13. Great massage, relaxing and most importantly effective. They have both
    men and women. I sent his wife to the man and it was necessary to do
    massage of the neck and chest — so she was advised a breast.t. My wife
    was pretty and having come home, told me: you know, maybe they were
    erotic, but no hint of vulgarity — all of high quality.

  14. It was the most heating massage I have ever had in my life! The atmosphere was so pleasant. I can’t wait to visit you one more time.

  15. I’ve recently visitied that body-rub massage and it was really gorgeous. The chick was really cute and we spent a very pleasant hour relaxing together. Now I feel totally inspired for the next visit 🙂

  16. What an amazing feeling! Kinda energy exchange! After such kind of massage I always feel my body charged with lots of positive energy. Guys, it’s really worth trying!

  17. My sister and I decided to surprise her on birthday, I ordered erotic massage in the salon. I did it man, I’m so relaxed that I think it was forever. Massage was: from the face, and ending with the buttocks and feet. It was the best present.

  18. Friends gave a certificate for erotic massage. Chose Nuru Massage, the girl had such hands and the massage itself is very cool. Is gone a satisfied.

  19. After the work day I went to NNuru massage. The massage lasted 1 hour, but during this time I received so many erotic emotions that this will last for a month. In addition, this massage is very relaxing after work

  20. I really liked the massage, the relaxing and pleasant look of the female breast is what you need after a hard working day.

  21. Massage done here is really very cool, after it, as if reborn, impressions are pleasant and most important is a hint of eroticism, but no sex.

  22. It was awesome! I have not been so good for a long time. The masseuse was beautiful. She really could give me great pleasure.

  23. In this salon several times visited massage which brought me not only relaxation, but also pleasure.

  24. Attended Nuru massage 3 weeks ago. Liked it a lot. It was so relaxing and pleasurably. Massage girl did it with some kind of erotic moves. Was pretty cool

  25. After such kind of massage I always feel my body charged with lots of positive energy. Guys….Thank you and I recommend.

  26. Girls are really good at their work, I’m definetely gonna try it again. And the second, the girls are really professional masseurs. The massage is also seductive and teasing.

  27. Great massage parlor. I had a great body rub massage. Technique worked out, all professionally. Received unreal relaxation and pleasure.

  28. At the end of the work week I decided to relax and visit an erotic massage “Happy-ending”. The girls look great and have good massage techniques. Everything is sterile and safe – the buzz :))

  29. I want to express my gratitude for an excellent massage in such a pleasant and warm atmosphere. Got great pleasure and relaxation!

  30. Was on the massage, everything Was on massage, everything went well, pleasant massage without platitudes but with a hint of erotic massage.went well, a nice massage with no hints of erotica.

  31. A few weeks ago, I took advantage of the massage services provided here. I got great pleasure and relaxed well when a beautiful girl gave me a Japanese massage! She did everything very gently and carefully.

  32. I really liked it, be sure to go again in a week. Although it is better to regularly visit this massfge salon once every two weeks.